High performance at the edge

SafeZone-edge delivers server-equivalent analytics performance at the edge, greatly reducing the initial and on-going cost. Intelligent processing gives extremely high detection accuracy with low false alarm rates by analysing scenes using an advanced AI engine.

The engine has been optimised to run efficiently on edge-based processors, providing effective mitigation of common environmental effects such as adverse weather, the movement of foliage, rapidly changing lighting conditions and camera shake.

Digital Barriers SafeZone-edge - Automated intrusion detection - Video Content Analysis (VCA)

Revolutionary automatic calibration

SafeZone-edge is designed for simple and quick installation, with an intelligent automated calibration tool to vastly simplify configuration. On larger projects, a multi-channel auto-calibration option even streamlines the setup of multiple cameras into a single step. This is a class-leading innovation for installation in minutes, not hours. Sterile zones and security scenarios can be remotely defined in the intuitive editor with multiple rules able to run concurrently on a single device.

Digital Barriers SafeZone-edge - intelligent video analytics (IVA) with automatic calibration

Maximum alarm and video management flexibility

SafeZone-edge analyses a scene in real-time, providing both live video and meta-data outputs. Specific events, defined by scenarios, generate alarms via TCP notification, HTTP/FTP upload, an email notification or the electrical output port on a camera. Full VMS integration is also supported to incorporate SafeZone-edge alerts into control rooms - with additional on-screen context for operators.

Digital Barriers SafeZone-edge video analytics with VMS integration, Milestone and Genetec

The following documents constitute an introduction to SafeZone-edge. They cover the unique characteristics of the SafeZone video analytics engine, along with the specific features of the edge-optimised application. 

The whitepaper sets out the key technological, operational and practical differences between SafeZone-edge and other video analysis systems.