SafeZone-edge is an Intelligent edge-based video analytics solution for reliable automated intrusion detection. It brings:

  • Embedded analytics (avoids cost and complexity of server operation)
  • Real-time detection of intrusions, loitering and zone-crossing
  • Unparalleled environmental mitigation for all conditions
  • Ease of installation with automatic calibration of cameras

SafeZone-edge features four intrusion detection scenarios to address typical perimeter security and sterile zone monitoring requirements. 

It is designed for medium range detection and is capable of operating in a range of challenging environments, including harsh weather and other demanding conditions.

 Typical outdoor sterile zone monitoring applications include:

  • perimeter security at small to medium size commercial properties
  • industrial facilities or storage sites
  • the rear or loading bay of a retail unit
  • high-value asset protection e.g. car dealerships
  • other vulnerable or secure sites e.g. education campuses and sports facilities.¬†

It is also suitable for internal sterile zone monitoring application, such as controlled zones in transportation hubs, hospitals, commercial facilities and other sites.