Usage for sterile zone protection

SafeZone-edge is suitable for detecting human or vehicle intrusions in outdoor sterile zones. A sterile zone means an area where no presence of human or vehicle is expected. The following are examples of implementations for which SafeZone-edge is intended:

  • Peripheral protection of stores, warehouses, company buildings or private houses 
  • Perimeter protection of sensitive facilities or storage/recycling/building sites 
  • Zone protection of sport facilities, marina or any outdoor private areas

This Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Specification document gives detailed information to generate proposals for a Video Analytics software product as commonly used with video surveillance systems. These specifications can also be used for projects using video analytics with video managements systems as part of a comprehensive security system. This Video Analytics software product specification fully describes the video analytics in terms of its system, functional, performance and pricing requirements. Specifically, in section 2, you will find the specified features and functions that can be used to list the types of security surveillance elements that the video analytics shall provide as part of the comprehensive security system being specified for your project and, or, facility.