Step 1...

Download the  SafeZone-edge zip package from the download area of the support site. This package contains:

  •          The SafeZone-edge Setup Interface (containing the latest SafeZone-edge package to be loaded onto an Axis device)
  •          The SafeZone-edge Install & Setup Quick Start Guide
  •          The SafeZone-edge Requirement Guide
  •          The SafeZone-edge Setup Guide (detailed product manual)

Please follow the instructions in the SafeZone-edge Install & Setup Quick Start Guide to load the trial license (obtained within step 2) onto the Axis device and to configure the SafeZone-edge application.


Step 2...

Obtain a trial license file for your compatible AXIS device from the Axis license registration website. You need to log in with your Axis account and enter the camera serial number (MAC address) and choose 'SafeZone-edge' as the application. The trial license is valid for 60 days.

Step 3...

Verify that your camera installation meets the pre-requisites outlined in 'SafeZone-edge Requirement Guide' and follow the steps in the 'Quick Start Guide' to get started. Theese documents can be dowloaded from the dowload area.